What’s Your Batting Average?

Dear College Student,

If you have ever played or watched baseball, you will know that one of the key statistics examined is the batting average, or the percent of at bats that generate a hit. The success of the player is literally measured on a ratio of success and failure, and if they don’t succeed often enough, they will be kicked off the roster and replaced by someone who will perform. In college, it can often feel as though we are being compared to others based on our averages, the ratio of job interviews we get, grad schools we are admitted to, social events we attend, ect. This leads to a fear of failure, lack of confidence, and an overall shortage self-worth. We put ourselves in this safe bubble where we know we will succeed, and never push our limits.

I used to think this exact way, I wouldn’t ask out a girl that was out of my league, take a hard class, or apply for a job that I didn’t think I would get. Luckily, one day, I was with a friend and he shared with me this quote, “To get up one more time than you fall is to be a winner. To stay down is to be a loser.” I realized that we create our opportunities, and the only way we fail, is if we fail to give ourselves another chance to succeed.

As I thought more and more about this, something switched in my head one day that has changed my life. I realized that if I didn’t apply for a job, or ask out that really cute girl, I was disqualifying myself from even succeeding. By taking a risk and getting out of my comfort zone, the worst thing that can happen, is I end up in the exact same spot I was if I never even took the risk. As I started taking risks, I noticed that I was more successful than I could have imagine.

For example, my freshman year, I applied for an on-campus internship to try to get job experience and prepare myself for future employment opportunities. When I went to meet with the advisor, he told me 150 people applied, 40 spots were filled, 5 spots were left, but there were many upperclassmen who had more experience. He basically told me there was no chance of me being one of the five selected but encouraged me to start doing things to help my resume and apply early for next year. Two days later, to my utter amazement, I received an email notifying me that I got one of the 5 spots for the internship. To this day, I still don’t know why I was selected, but I’m grateful I had applied and gone for an interview, even though the odds were not in my favor.

So, this week, id invite you to TAKE A RISK!!! Go and ask out that cute girl in your English class, apply for that job you still feel unqualified for, or call that friend who you lost when you came to college. I can’t promise that the result this time will be the one you want, but I can promise you that if you adopt this mindset and take risks, doors will be opened to you that you couldn’t even dream of.


Your College Advisor

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