Reach, Don’t Settle

Dear College Student,

Recently, I read the book Shoe Dog, the auto-biography of the life of Phil Knight. It follows his life year by year from the time he decided to travel the world which lead to the foundation of Nike, up until the time he wrote the book. He had many inspirational things to say, and I would highly recommend the read, but today I want to focus on something he shared at the end of the book. He said,




As I read this quote, I was lost for a few weeks. I didn’t understand how to identify a calling or passion because I felt it was something that was bigger than myself. It wasn’t until weeks later someone told me that your passion is the thing you think about when you have nothing else to worry about.

So I ask you what is your passion or calling? What is the thing that occupies your thoughts in the early hours of the morning and what are you going to do about it? Now is the time we have, because once we have settled for a profession or career, it will be increasingly harder to follow your calling. So do as my Mom has told me, and REACH don’t settle.


Your College Advisor


PS: Suggested Reading

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